Visit our virtual reality headquarters on the 3D internet

S@my Montechristo was the first in the world using virtual reality 3D offices for the majority of operational activities, productions, team collaboration, client meetings, project development and more. His 3D virtual offices have provided the following benefits:

  • ECONOMIC BENEFITS: unprecedented cost and time savings 
  • FAMILY: more family time for team members
  • ENVIRONMENT: lower carbon foot print of daily operational process
  • QUALITY LIVING: more free time and less traffic related stress for team members

For access to the virtual reality headquarters please email:




Brick and mortar locations to interact with Hollywood International Inc are in

  • USA: Hollywood - CA, Atlanta - GA, Las Vegas - NV

  • Europe: Zurich, Brussels

  • Asia: Shanghai

Existing clients and partners are welcome to use:




You are cordially invited to visit Virtual 3D Hollywood



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