S@my Montechristo is the founder of Virtual 3D Hollywood and star of the upcoming “Hollywood 3D Show”. 

His motto: Get every star an Avatar ! For the past 10 years S@my has spent more time in virtual reality than in the 'real world' which makes him a real life avatar. 

He was prominently featured as one of the World's leading new media and 3D Internet experts at the Consumer Electronics Show. He has invented entire virtual ecosystems and created more than 1000 virtual 3D destinations for top Fortune companies. 

When added together these properties are the size of England. By attracting audiences from around the world, Virtual Tourism is a promising way to generate a new form of revenues for the U.S. Economy. 

Virtual 3D Hollywood is

  • the world's FIRST real celebrity community in virtual reality 3d 
  • a place for fans to get close up and personal with Hollywood celebrities and a way for  audiences to interact live with their favorite stars
  • a new way for cutting edge and highly creative stars to express themselves
  • a virtual travel destination that invites global audiences to become virtual tourists and visit Hollywood stars
  • a way for fans to get exclusive access to Hollywood events
  • a way to meet new Hollywood talent 
  • a way to create new comfortable work-at-home jobs for Hollywood and for the United States
  • a way to support the revival of the U.S. Economy by strengthening the entertainment, education, tourism and service industry sectors


  S@my's non-profit city called Peace City encourages its citizens to discover their inner power and beauty. Peace City 3D empowers people to believe in themselves and to live their dreams.

One of S@my's inventions is the Green Global Office, a new way for Americans to work from the comfort of their own homes while being connected to the entire world. Green Global Office is designed to decrease traffic, air pollution, commute related stress and increases time available to spend with friends and families.

Montechristo's “I Love A.m.e.r.i.c.a.” project describes the 7 steps of success of A.M.E.R.I.C.A. : Aspirations > Miracles > Empowerment > Realism > Innovation > Challenges > Accomplishments. S@my Montechristo's research accomplishments outline the rise of the conceptual economy and a vision for a positive future. It suggests tangible methods to get there including Conservation > Education > Innovation 


Founder's Letter by S@my Montechristo:

Read the open Founder's Letter by S@my Montechristo about virtual 3D Hollywood



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