Open letter to the creative visionaries in Hollywood and America by the founder of Virtual 3D Hollywood

I believe in the power of creative expression and the positive future of our country and the world.

I believe that the creative visionaries among you are the important foundation for a better future. I salute you who are joining us with the goal of creating together something that has never existed in our history: A common (virtual) continent that people from around the world inhabit together in peace and prosperity.

As we are just now rising out of one of our darkest decades in many hundred years we want to come together and present a positive vision for the future.

This is why I founded Virtual 3D Hollywood. Not just to create a new pretty face for the Internet, but to invite global audience to experience your amazing creativity up close and personal.

To get inspired by you.

To get entertained by you.

To showcase you as role models for more enjoyable tomorrow.

For the past 17000 years our media history has evolved with one clear tendency. To create media that reflect how our senses experience reality: in 3D. From the early cave drawings to Leonardo Da Vinci inventing the 3D perspective point in his paintings allowing us to see “into” the room of the “Last Supper”. From Edison to add motion to our pictures to HDTV and surround sound. And now from the visionary James Cameron's stereoscopic 3D to the future of fully immersive virtual reality where you don't just see a movie, but where you become part of it. This is where Virtual 3D Hollywood is going.

Between the 1940s and 2007 our economy grew to be 7 times its initial size. But the weight of our economic output didn't grow. This means that most of our economic success comes from conceptual products and services such as intellectual property, entertainment, software, services and more.

This means that it is your creativity, your ingenuity, your innovations and your imagination that creates a better future for our economy. 

This is why I'm inviting you today to join us in building Virtual 3D Hollywood. To create a new landscape in which this conceptual economy can flourish and you, your friends and families, your country and your world can enjoy a revived, renewed, rejoiced future.

Add your creativity here.
Give your audience a more personal way to interact with you.
Offer your sponsors a new way to support you work. 
Give our media new stories to write about.
Be part of creating new jobs for our economy.

In short, become part of media history.

I look forward to meeting you in person and remain

Enthusiastically Yours,

S@my Montechristo
Founder of Virtual 3D Hollywood



You are cordially invited to visit Virtual 3D Hollywood




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